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Do you want to move forward with your life? You deserve it!

Fabi is a Certified Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master, Theta Healing and Access Bars Practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Intuitive Channel, supporting you on your healing journey and allowing you to be who YOU truly are.

Balancing through The Breath

is the habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts, improving your physical (releasing toxins from your body, helping chronic pain, improving sleep, helping digestion process), mental health (increasing self-awareness, allowing emotional wounds to heal, decreasing addictive behaviors, better mental focus), and soul (experiencing a soulful awakening, releasing blockages, connecting with your higher power and your highest self).
The tools to train the mind and body are offered in this session, as and soul to live a healthy, happy, and purposeful life. Through a Breathwork Meditation session, you will tap into the great power that is within everyone.
Individual and group sessions are available.

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Quantum-Touch Energy Massage

is a powerful energy healing technique that works with life force energy - a universal vibration of love and well-being. In this unique session, you will experience the changes in your physical and energy-body, combining body massage and healing energy to help restore balance to the body. Its relationship connects to pains in the body, emotions, and what is directly or indirectly involved. This unique session provides a powerful healing experience, combining different modalities, practices, and intuitive guidance.
This hands-on healing session offers an adjustment method to the alignment of the body, involving intention, breathing, attention, and affirmations.
This technique amplifies the healing energy accelerating your body’s natural healing process, bringing a powerful body healing and upgrade.

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Energy Alignment Session & Reiki

 Energy Alignment Session is about creating a sacred space for you. In this guided session, my role is to guide you through a heart space, connecting more deeply with your gifts & purpose, identifying blockages of the physical and energetic body that are limiting you to be the person who you truly are and to balance and clear the energy system. This is a profound journey into the dormant aspects of your wanting to shine in the world. 
In this healing alignment session, techniques such as Reiki, Thetahealing, Breathwork, and intuitive guidance are used synergistically to promote holistic healing.

* Available a combination of 1:1 Cacao Ceremoy & Energy Alignment Session


LomiLomi Massage

is one of the most profound forms of massage, sometimes called Hawaiian massage. It is considered an authentic and ancient form of healing and is used as a restorative, therapeutic health practice. Besides relaxing the physical body, it also focuses on the energetic body. Its goal is to create peace and oneness with the mind, body, and spirit, increasing spiritual energy and personal power.
In Lomi Lomi massage, you feel like a “spirit having a human experience”, experiencing a sacred connection and forgiveness through Ho’oponopono. It begins with pure intention in every session, connecting you in a journey to know yourself on a deeper level, using long continuous fluid strokes, combining with a very loving touch, relaxing the entire being, assisting in a “letting go” of old beliefs, patterns, and behaviors.

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Group Meditation & Retreats

is a guided, meditative, and relaxed experience of opening your heart center, connecting your inner being with the Source. In each guided meditative ceremony, we assist you to find balance through techniques of visualizations, energy healing techniques, and sound healing. *Contact Fabi for more details about ceremonies and private groups circles

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Kahi Loa Restorative Session

Kali Loa, a traditional form of healing known as “The Magic Touch of Hawaii”, is a powerful ancient shamanic energy medicine preserved by Native Hawaiians.
This Hawaiian restorative technique helps to move and balance energy in the physical and energetic body using the forces of nature (fire, water, wind, stone, plants, animals, and people).
This session helps the body release pain and tension, stagnant energy, and discomfort in the energetic field. It assists the body's natural ability to heal, incorporating the belief that the Mind and Nature harmonize and heal, making it a totally unique approach to well-being.

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Energy Sessions: Treatments
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